American Politics… With consequences for Brits.

I think the reason why I enjoy reading about American politics is unbridled schadenfreude.  The liberal media latched onto Clint Eastwood’s unscripted senior skit with such glee.  That was a mistake because their convention is an absolute train wreck of calamitous events which if it were picked up in the mainstream media would alienate roughly everyone in the country who doesn’t attend democratic party conventions, heck maybe even a few of them.

Yes they booed God, and booed Israel’s right to exist with Jerusalem as its capital.   Was this before or after the speech given by a white person claiming to be a descendent of Native Americans who is currently losing her senate race by a significant margin…

That came before Bill Clinton came on giving a rather slippery performance as elder statesman.

Clint Eastwood’s cringe worthy improv work was at least genuine and honest compared to a factually challenged DNC convention. Of course none of this will come out in the mainstream media though… its why Obama is still in this election fight, lies, damn lies and TV bias.

What does this mean for us Brits? Well it means four more years of Obama selling us down the river. At various points Britain has been America’s only real ally and we have paid dearly for it, and what have we got back? well I suppose we got our bronze bust of Churchill back… When Cristina Kirchner started her bellyaching about the Falklands, who was on TV disingenuously calling them the Malvinas? Who went on TV and disingenuously called BP British Petroleum?

The biggest problem for us Brits about the Obama administration is this: America’s national debt is a world economic crisis waiting to happen, if America’s economic system is given much more debt around its neck then it risks collapsing and if that happens there will be a global recession the likes of which we’ve never known. What is Barack Obama doing about it? exploding the deficit.

What can Britain do about any of this? Well elections are fought, won and lost on TV. We have a TV bias in this country too, its called the BBC… its long past time for its government funding to be stopped and for the license fee to be scrapped. Why should everyone have to pay for its left leaning news service so often devoid of hard facts? Why should anyone pay for such dumbed down viewing as the One show? As a country we need to start focusing on changing our trajectory, which is currently heading inexorably towards becoming a quirky little satellite state of the EUSSR.


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