Catholics are all bigots… according to Nick Clegg.

Its the classic Westminster scandal, a politician says what he actually believes then his press office spends the rest of the day desperately trying to retract it.

I know Nick Clegg and his wretched little political party holds the vast majority of the people of Britain in contempt but this is just too good.

Awwww Cleggy Weggy, someone’s disagreed with you, they must be unreasonable, prejudiced and nasty, it couldn’t possibly be that they have very real concerns about your radical and massively unpopular social agenda and a deep desire to protect the institution of marriage, could it Cleggy???

As I’ve said before on this blog, I am bi-sexual (amongst other things), but gay marriage is not a civil right. (nor I think something the gay community is particularly crying out for)  All the civil rights gay people need are available to gay people through civil partnership laws and there is nothing to stop parties to a civil partnership calling it a marriage.  Where it gets dicey is demanding that everyone else calls it a marriage, especially in a church environment. If Libdems are so keen on separation of Church and state then it works both ways.

Trying to force this agenda onto this country at any time would be a mistake, at a time of economic crisis spending valuable parliamentary time on it is a criminally negligent waste of breath.  I think Nick Clegg did want this press release to go out, he is desperately trying to cling onto the tiny group of voters he already has rather than do what is best for this country.  I hope he doesn’t even succeed in that feeble effort. I’m looking forward to November the 5th,  penny for the Guy Clegg?


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