If you are Christian you MUST read this.

Please read this article by Eric Pickles.  It is important.  Yes the link is the blue text for anyone who doesn’t know.

I don’t agree with all of it. But its important and it needs to be read and people should talk about it. It has substance to it.

The politics of it is clear, the government is trying to distance itself from the outrageous line of defense its lawyers took in defending its decision to fire workers because of tiny outward signs of faith (if you are Christian anyway).

My temptation is to decry this as a belated attempt to win our vote after having sold us down the river but I think Eric Pickles deserves better than that, I get the feeling he is a slight outsider to this government.  His Tory values go a bit deeper.  I do genuinely feel that this government is trying to be more tolerant towards Christians than the last, and certainly more than the civil service currently is and for that it needs to be praised.

Having been raised on Yes Minister and later being told on good authority it was a non fictional TV show (much like the Vicar of Dibley and Fr Ted) I know that fighting against bureaucratic inertia can take some time.  There are many old boys in the civil service who were given their starting orders during new Labour’s calamitous time at the helm. Changing direction will not be easy.

So much so that its quite possible that ministers may have to issue statements to the press in order to be taken seriously by their civil servants or have their wishes heard. That’s just a theory.

Anyway, read the link.


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