Deputy Downer

Recently I’ve been struggling to think of anything to say since the world is going to hell in a handcart. Needless to say Europe still has its fingers in its ears about its dire Eurozone problem which is causing massive unnecessary suffering in its Mediterranean members. Here at home the government is so pathetic its making Ed Milliband look electable, which six months ago was unthinkable. I might vote UKIP this coming election just to vent my displeasure since my constituency is totally owned by the Labour party.

This thing with the YouTube film is still spawning protests but the riots are clearly just people who want to riot. It looks like the only way to get peace in the middle east would be to nuke the place and start again from scratch which would be exactly what these lunatic demagogues want. The vast majority of people want peace and were urged by their Imams against violence. This is not about Islam vs. Western civilisation but about a select few abusing the situation for their own twisted ends.

Still I think there are a startling number of people who don’t understand the American position because they don’t understand the very notion of free speech. Its like the London riots. The riots were a criminal undertaking on a massive scale that had nothing to do with a gang member who was shot dead by armed police.

In other news the Romney campaign is totally sunk so it looks like we are in for four more years of pro-abortion, weak foreign policy and fiscal insanity from the Obama administration in America. China is rattling the sabre at Japan, and there is still a HUGE military buildup in the Arabian sea/Persian Gulf just in case Israel bombs Iran… which they probably can’t do without America’s help anyway. So yes, the world is totally broken and it is a cliche to say so.

It sounds like the Pope’s visit to Lebanon went well, but somehow I doubt that will stop the harassment of Christians in the middle east that has led to Christian communities emigrating en mass. Is there is no unalloyed good news, or am I ill?

I’ve been making use of the NHS recently, and I suppose I should be very grateful its there. I have an inner city practice run almost entirely by locums.  Its difficult to talk to someone new every week if you have my problems and it was a bit of an inquisition too, GP’s shouldn’t get involved in psychoanalysis is all I’m saying. I don’t seem capable of anything at the moment, I have absolutely zero energy, like I’ve spent the last six months on the international space station and my limbs aren’t used to 1G anymore. Thank you pills.

Other than that I watched a program on the Yom Kippur war, which also covered the six day war.  I should say from the outset that I am very pro Israel, probably Zionist as far as the Guardian is concerned. I believe very much in Israel’s right to exist and its right to defend its interests. Why? Because it defends the freedom of its citizens better than any other country in the middle east, starting with religious freedom, which I think is the root of all concepts of freedom.

So anyway, I’ve read 111 pages of Dune, which is still the best book I’ve ever read. The feeling of uncertainty and dread pretty much encapsulates how I feel right now. Above all I just don’t know how to serve God. Priesthood is not an option. I’m not doing anything useful with my life at the moment and I know it. Sorry to be such a deputy downer.

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