Keep calm, and carry on.

I’ve been neglecting my blog, mainly because its hard to think of anything positive to say about the world. There seems to be no good news in the papers at the moment. Everything seems to be about the decline of western civilisation.

I managed to struggle through Dune again, the first book I’ve read in ages, an inability to read is one of the more esoteric symptoms of depression.  Its my favourite book, probably, so clever and Machiavellian but also romantic. If I find it hard to read my favourite book what hope is there for me reading anything else? Especially since I’m 100% certain Dune is the greatest sci-fi book ever written and sci-fi is the only genre that really grabs my interest.

In UK politics I have a theory that the race to the middle ground has left everyone apathetic. Politics is at its best when people articulate arguments and ideals from the different ends of the spectrum and engage in debate. But weirdly this race to the middle has stifled debate, has left everyone holding bland positions often bearing little relation to reality but comprised of sound bites of banality. I think Red Ed will win the next election, which will be a disaster for us economically, because he better articulates the socialist message to his own base. The only silver lining to this dark cloud is that the calamitous Milliband will bring a Tory of substance to pick up the pieces.

We need true blue and true red to battle it out otherwise yellow will win.  I’m not talking about the Liberal Democrats, but every cowardly utterly bankrupt policy they stand for that seems to creep ever closer towards fulfillment with nobody to roundly denounce it. Coalition government has been the last thing this country needs in this time of crisis. And it is a crisis, we are watching our country slowly but assuredly go bankrupt. We do not need decision making by committee but a leadership with a clearly articulated plan.

In other news, I’ve thought of something that cheers me up, I have the best burger sauce in all the land.  Its so moreish, it has something in it that makes you crave it beyond reason.  Though I think it has ruined my diet, which wasn’t that good in the first place, I’ve had five burgers in the last three days, that can’t be healthy. This heart attack inducing diet will have to go on hold for a while though, I melted my toaster, and there is nothing worse than a soggy sesame seed bun.

Anyway, its strange how religion tends to take a bit of a back seat when I’m depressed.  Its hard to pray when your ill mind thinks God hates you. But it is an illness, and the footsteps poem is a reminder that while I may think God has abandoned me, really he is carrying me. Hope for the future is what I need, worth its weight in gold. I don’t believe God would put me on this planet without some plan for me, some vocation to seek out and while I’m not very capable at the moment of sifting through the dust of this world to find it, I hope God is still guiding me and that hope keeps me alive when all else fails me.


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