Keep your head down and take your medicine.

Well I’ve taken my kicking from the man. Now I’m watching NFL, Houston Texans vs New York Jets.  Its the most exciting sport to watch as far as I’m concerned… when the TV coverage is good. BBC are only showing it on iplayer and not only do they not have pundits but they cut to useless stat screens and music during breaks in play, and in NFL there are a lot of breaks in play. Why can’t they just leave the ESPN coverage be? I understand them missing the adverts but still its a bit lame.

Actually talking about the ESPN coverage, the commentators are ok but their pundits are terrible, they talk over each other and speak in banalities. The best pundit is female and she never gets a word in which strikes me as a tad misogynistic. Oh well, I’m probably the only one who cares.  I think it boils down to the fact that just because you played the game doesn’t mean you are good at talking about it, especially with all the brain injuries and testosterone poisoning sustained in the game…

Well as for Catholic stuff, the abortion ‘debate’ has taken some turns. Still nobody is talking about a ban, you can cut the time limit a few weeks but that will likely make no difference and stinks of incrementalism. The debate has been shut down again. Shut up all dissenters, the chorus goes, to question the status quo is to say that there is something rotten going on and everyone knows that to suggest such a thing means you are obviously a misogynist… there’s that word again…

Also in politics, Ed Milliband is trying to convince everyone he had nothing to do with the demolition of the country under Gordon Brown. Yeah I’m not buying it either. The coalition may be a slow train wreck but in comparison to the alternative…


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