America! **** YEAH!

So how many of you have been following the USA presidential elections? none of you? oh, just me then, lol.

Yes I’ve been watching with anticipation. It is going to be close, very close. Romney is probably the right man for the job, but he is unlikeable. Also the American media is very left biased and that will gradually take its toll. For the Republicans to pick such a weak candidate when the future of the free world is at stake is unforgivable, but alas its what we have.

Still it was nice to see the president get a drubbing in his first debate. Joe Biden won the VP debate, or not, by being exceptionally rude and interrupting his opponent continually. Paul Ryan is vastly more intelligent and sensible than Joe Biden though and I think voters will notice. Lets face it, Paul Ryan is the brains, Romney is the wallet.

Exactly the same is going on in this country, Cameron is weak, very weak, the product of the AV voting system in a leadership election (as is Ed Milliband). Who doesn’t think Ed Milliband will win the next election? and after he’s ruined the country, Boris will step in from the wings as savior…

Anyway, my titanic battle with the bureaucratic powers that be has met with winged victory. I am officially on the sick. Thank God! this makes no difference as to how much money I gouge out of taxpayers you’ll be relieved to know, but just means I don’t have to do the full song and dance in the jobcenter, which is an immense relief because it was driving me insane, (well more insane anyway). People should be aware of mental health issues. Depression can be just as debilitating as a severe physical illness except its treated by the wider world as something less serious than the common cold, and just like the common cold there is no cure, you just have to take care of yourself.


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