Ding Ding, round 2!

Right! this is day one of the fightback.  I’ve just had a truly black weekend, so black it went beyond despair, couldn’t see the Dr, couldn’t go to Tesco, couldn’t meet new people, couldn’t get to Mass. Well its time to get up off the mat, off the ropes and come out swinging.

I’m up at 7am, (more importantly not having stayed awake all night) I’m drinking coffee, (from a broken cafetiere which is getting thrown out as soon as I’ve emptied it) I’m going to the Dr, to Tesco and I’m gonna grab the world by the throat. I’m angry with myself at how depressed I’ve been and its time to fight back, all guns blazing. So there we go, lookout world, I’m mean, I’m cranky and I’m kicking bottom. Its weird since I’ve decided this I’ve been humming and whistling to myself, I’ve even been praying again.

Maybe I should post a poll to ask if I should come off my pillz or not? I’m beginning to think my medication might be part of the problem, man cannot beat depression on pillz alone. Anyway I apologise that was quite an egocentric couple of paragraphs with lots of capital I’s in it, I take comfort in the fact that almost nobody reads my blog so only the people who really want to know what happens in my confused brain bother.

Screw the world and its politics… this country is a joke, rapidly becoming a second world nation. Scotland should be given independence, it’ll probably be good for everyone. The Tories need some time on the naughty step that is the opposition benches to think about how shambolic their coalition has been… Andrew Mitchell finally did the decent thing but was far far too late to do any good (here’s a good article on that by my favourite Telegraph columnist ). And yes the Libdems still need to be taken out and shot.

The EU just won the Nobel Peace prize. That is the greatest sick joke in history, this very second they are crushing Greece under their Euro jackboot, riots on the streets, petrol bombs and they get a peace prize??? By this standard maybe the USSR missed out? talking of which, here is a link worth looking at. People who aren’t Euro-skeptic now must be living in a fantasy world. (It was NATO and the nuclear deterrent that saved Western Europe by the way Stockholm, although since this country is abandoning its ideals for socialism, atheism and complacency there is still time for it to come to nothing…)

In less hilariously depressing news, I’m trying a hair experiment, apparently if you only wash it with water for 14-21 days you never have to wash it with shampoo ever again… right now it looks like a bit of a mess but apparently this is the tough part when the scalp goes “hey I’m still putting out tons of natural oils but you aren’t a-bombing me with detergent every other day, what’s going on?” so yes it is a tad greasy atm. I’m 5, 6 or 7 days in (it was a rough week ok!) so we shall see.

Did anyone else think that Jimmy Saville was creepy since way back in the day? I know I did. The man is dead, he was a man of his time. It was the fault of the 1970’s and its sexual ‘revolution’ and everyone of that time who thought that sex with minors was excusable… often the same people who attacked the Church when the disgusting priest paedophilia scandal hit.

Hypocrisy always finds ways to plumb new depths, especially when its against the Church and I’m not just talking about this sorry episode, anti-Catholic sentiments have seeped into the very fabric of this country’s cultural subconscious. People think the Church is sitting on piles of money, have no idea how much charitable work the Church and Christians do, but that it should sell every shiny object in its possession and give the money to the poor (never mind that its wealth is in beauty that only has value in its current context).

Sadly I think if the Church built all its buildings in this protestantised day and age it would be as barren as a Unitarian meeting hall, but thankfully most of its buildings were built when people were strong in faith, put faith at the center of their lives, put their money where their mouth was and wanted to give glory to God in every way possible. God save the Pope! we all need to pray for the Pope, and that his successor is as holy a man as he is.

And on that note God bless you all, and pray for me too.


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