Get your geek on!

So then, the inevitable has finally happened, we are stuck with Barack Obama as leader of the free world… if he’s leading anything at best its a rearguard action. Will the USA go broke by then end of his next four years? who knows..?

Anyway, what is done is done, I just hope Paul Ryan’s potential future isn’t tainted by association with a losing campaign that the Republican party really should have won. It wasn’t his fault, he was a big boost to the ticket, unless it got republicans wishing he was on the top of the ticket to stay at home… Maybe the GOP will rebuild its party around him? (he still has a key position in congress so is still a big player in the party) the same can’t be said of Mitt Romney who will, God willing, disappear into obscurity. You can breathe a sigh of relief, this will be the last time I’ll be jabbering on about American politics, for a few years at least anyway.

So I’m just back from Southampton, I had a lovely 8 days away from everything, with good food, good booze, good company and general all around goodness. The highlights of the week were playing D&D.  I’d never played it before, and it is unashamedly geektastic.

With good people it is great fun and people who haven’t played it need to shed their preconceptions. The only down point for me is that it is based in a polytheistic world which even in a totally fictional setting doesn’t sit well with me (my characters are usually indifferent to the gods in the game since Christianity isn’t an option). Anyway, I urge people to give it a go, the less geeky the group the more they’ll enjoy the way the game flows creating narrative which is fun in ways no other game can match. Just go with the flow, and get your geek on.


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