Bile, and happiness.

I just bumped into someone on Facebook going on about how dumb all those people are who doubt evolutionary theory or global warming…

Well I’m not sold on parts of evolutionary theory, purely through a sense of rational scientific skepticism. So I’ll let that one pass, but hasn’t anthropogenic global warming been fairly roundly debunked??? is it just me?  I admit that I only read one newspaper (the Telegraph online) because the others make me want to tear my hair out, but the news has been out there for quite a while now hasn’t it? I mean surely by now the seas should be boiling, as it is I’m spending a fortune heating my freezing flat, and the cost of energy is going through the roof because of renewable energy subsidies, and I was saying the same for the last couple of years I’m sure.

It reminds me of the Marxist radical in Terry Pratchett’s novel Nightwatch, desperate to start rationing things because of his ideals that are totally detached from reality, when really the food would just go off and they have plenty.

It does make me fear for the human race, so I leave you with a quote.

Do you not know, my son, with what little understanding the world is ruled? — Pope Julius III
The length and depth of how I’m coming to realise this is depressing, there is almost no room for cynicism any more because we are already plumbing the depths of idiocy. Only next week I’ll find someone has plumbed those depths even deeper.

The one bright spot in my day was at least Lord John Prescott didn’t get made a police commissioner, then I found out it was a fluke of the AV voting system which I despise, well fortune comes in strange disguises ^.^


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