Dark entertainment, no thanks.

The world of entertainment has been in thrall to the need to be gritty, grim and dark, and its got worse since 9/11.

I’ve recently heard of a board game called Chaos in the old world.  It is a games workshop board game, where you play as a greater demon, of either rage, lust, revolution or pestilence trying to destroy the world, the board is a representation of flayed human skin used as a  map.  Why on earth would anyone want to play this game? its gross dark and horrible, and it thinks that being as gross, dark and horrible as possible is some kind of achievement. So what its just a game, isn’t it? well yes, but why would you like to play as something like that? is that fun?

Give me Catan, and Carcassone any day of the week. Anyway, I’ve decided that good old fashioned board games are the way forward, I’m getting a thirty year old board game for Christmas and I can’t wait, good old fashioned fun. Its called Cosmic Encounter and it is about a myriad (yes that is my favourite word, go away!) of alien species fighting for galactic domination, but so long as they have green blood who cares right? Anyway, yes I’ve been having too much sugar and listening to cheesy electro all morning, and need to spend some time in a padded cell, so adieu I say, adieu.


One thought on “Dark entertainment, no thanks.

  1. My husband used to have a board game based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, which involved people going insane due to being frightened by monsters, being sucked into alternate dimensions where a variety of horrible things happened to them, and being ‘lost in time and space’ should they fail to defeat the aforementioned monsters in battle. He was – and still is – obsessed with the occult and demons, and I strongly believe that the stranglehold those things have on him contributed in the end to his treatment of me and the resultant breakdown in our relationship. I now stand firmly against all forms of ‘dark entertainment’, and will not allow them into my home.

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