The Boba Fett Factor and fun with gnosticism.

What is it about Boba Fett? the character said exactly twenty words in one star wars film and he is madly popular.  He’s dark, mysterious, ruthless and mean. Someone who captures and kills people for a living and yet if you want to sell anything star wars related stick his shiny sugar loaf helmet on the side of the box and you are guaranteed to get a 300% boost in sales.

In a similar way I think some people can become fascinated with tiny facets of Christianity to the detriment of other more central themes and I’ve gotta say fascination with the “end times” is right up there at number one, and the tetragrammatron is another.  They are small parts of Christianity which if over focused on can lend themselves to slipping off into gnostic heresy.

Gnosticism is such a prevalent heresy these days, perhaps because materialism is the most prevalent heresy. People who instantly have a predilection for Buddhism when they know little about it are actually just trying to scratch that same old gnostic itch if you ask me, even though Buddhism and Gnosticism developed separately according to the new advent link above.

The Da Vinci Code is perhaps gnostic heresy at its most popular, and if you think that is old hat now then think about all the second rate writers who are still copying the Dan Brown formula to this day. Conspiracy theories are another modern avenue for this ancient itch, if you want a good laugh Google the word Illuminati and look at the reams and reams of total codswallop that spring forth, often sorely lacking in paragraphs and punctuation.

Perhaps the only thing people like more than the knowledge we are governed by morons is that we are governed by a cabal (hur hur) of sinister puppet masters.  Of course that takes us to the recent popularity of Kabbalah, well Madonna puts it in the public eye anyway and as ever astrology is in every tabloid newspaper that probably isn’t worth its salt. And thinking about it this all brings us back full circle to Star Wars again, the central religion of which is heavily riddled with gnostic dualism. Ho hum.

Tune in next week when I’ll be putting the fun and mental back into fundamentalism 😛


One thought on “The Boba Fett Factor and fun with gnosticism.

  1. This specific blog, “The Boba Fett Factor and fun with gnosticism.
    The Catholic Shinobi” illustrates the fact that u really know what u are writing about!
    I personally fully am in agreement. With thanks ,Marcela

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