Into the hands of the prophets.

Recently I’ve gained a crippling addiction, to Star Trek Deep Space 9.  It was always my favourite Star Trek, a little less pompous and self righteous than The Next Generation, and since it was devoid of Wesley Crusher is was instantaneously 1000% better. Voyager was ok, except I couldn’t stand the voice of Captain Janeway.  Enterprise was a massive misfire from the start so lets not even go there and there are only so many times you can see alien kisses, fights in a sand pit and red shirts meeting their demise in the original series…

So anyway, DS9 is more based in reality, because its not a star ship but a space station, filled with more fallible characters. I just got finished watching duet, which is a very good episode from the first season that I can wholeheartedly recommend. But I’m watching the next episode and its taking out the religion bashing stick…   Nothing like beating up on creationists. Do Americans have no idea how far creationism is from mainstream Christianity?  Then they brought up Galileo again… Ho hum…

Religious fundamentalism is a genuine problem, I just wish people wouldn’t take a swipe at all religion at the same time, or be condescending and smug, if you watch TV you’d think the majority of people in the world were atheists, well we all know that isn’t true and the atheist utopian dream always turns into a nightmare.  What is more I think atheists know this, most modern science fiction for example is dystopian, with greed, lust, power and rage praised above all as virtues, the number of people who have posters of Don Corleone or Tony Montana, or Reservoir Dogs on their walls is staggering, what kind of person is our society breeding? People who believe the 11th commandment reads: Thou shalt not get caught.

Watching Star Trek, even in its most utilitarian series, the federation characters are all positively motivated… (though it seems this miraculous sense of duty comes from virtually nowhere) its a refreshing change, because the dystopian pastiche of Mega City 1 from Judge Dredd is becoming less ironic and seemingly less out of proportion by the year, we are now living in a world where the president of the USA orders extra judicial killings by automated drones with hellfire missiles… and nobody questions it.


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