Connecticut shooting.

Why is it that this shooting reminds me of the slaughter of innocents in the Bible? The unrelenting evil of it, the wanton destructive selfishness, the futility of it, the tragically avoidable nature of it… words really do fail at this point. The real crime is the lack of gun control in America, it is a sinister stitch up by the gun lobby… the extent to which they have worked the American legislature is staggering.

Barrack Obama has been all talk and no action on the issue, now maybe its time to go legacy shopping for this so far so mediocre president, he doesn’t have to run for anything this time round but he’ll need republicans in congress…  The Republican party also has an opportunity to lead, but I’m betting they won’t, whats more if they stall any gun control legislation they are going to look bad doing it… somebody needs to be brave and stand up to the gun lobby, the world is watching.


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