There is a scene in the film Snatch, where Brad Pitt, seemingly knocked down and out surges from the canvas to knock out his opponent in an illegal boxing match. This very moment I feel like I’m coming back from the canvas in the same way so I thought I’d blog about it while the feeling lasts. Yes the wintertime blues have struck again, my sleeping pattern is totally fubar, my mental health situation is seriously messed up. But right this second I feel great.

And I feel like laughing at the world, David Cameron has promised a referendum on the EU if he wins the next election, I’ve got news for you Davey boy, that’s like saying how many angels dance on a pinhead, you aren’t going to win the next election.  Its too little too late, you incorporated too many policies of the Libdems into your government, they are the least popular party for a reason, it will be red Ed’s chance to ruin the nation and God help us all in that regard.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have taken over a big chunk of Mali, a country much bigger than Afghanistan, who is answering the call to arms? France! Good luck and God speed to them, but 2,500 troops to cover hundreds of thousands of square miles of prime guerrilla fighting terrain isn’t going to be enough and reminds me of Britain’s ill advised jaunt in Afghanistan with similar laughable levels of commitment.

Anyhoo, the world will always be run this way, only idiots seek power, all the best Popes never wanted to be Pope. Who was it who said “the souls of emporers and cobblers are cast in the same mold, what causes neighbours to quarrel causes a war betwixt princes”? If you have any further need for proof of the unrelenting idiocy of the world then take a look at this.

So thank God we have the Church. I’ve been so blessed recently by having a second priest at my parish, an ex Anglican like myself, he sings the Mass beautifully, his liturgy is as good as it gets in the ordinary form, his latin is superb, he is a good preacher, I even like his thurible technique, and importantly he is a joy to serve. In my life I have had good priest after good priest, I’ve been stunningly blessed by God in that regard.

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