Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Yes, well now isn’t this a terribly awkward subject?  It’s timing is definitely politically motivated and he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Making awkward homosexual advances to your subordinates is a terrible thing, but at the moment there seems to be no proof, only allegation.

Still I hope the gay community will not crow, especially if these claims prove to be true.  It is the oldest story in the book that homophobes are often angry precisely because they are projecting outwards their discomfort with something they have done and suppressed internally. Sadly I do think some of the things said by Cardinal O’Brien, in the way they were communicated, by his errant press officer, were homophobic. It reminds me of the time I was an evangelical christian railing against homosexuality, talk about throwing stones in glass houses.

The Catholic faith absolutely is not homophobic, it is not a sin to be gay. I have had a priest tell me to get out of the confessional if I don’t have something to confess when I’ve mentioned it.  The Catholic faith accepts people for who they are because the Catholic faith has had an infinitely broader experience of human nature than any other religion I can think of and every priest will have had his eyes opened when he listens to endless confessions in Persona Christi.

If you want to understand the gospels you need to place yourself in the place of the sinners, the possessed, the broken and the humble masses that Jesus ministered to.  If you think God takes your advice its time to take a humility pill.


2 thoughts on “Cardinal Keith O’Brien

  1. Wow, you were once an evangelical Christian railing against homosexuality? What a massive surprise.

    The Catholic faith is ridiculously homophobic – telling gay people that they either have to be celibate or they are sinning? Yeah, that’s real accepting.

    • Well to be fair, the Catholic Church is compassionate towards homosexuals and says that being homosexual in and of itself is not a sin. Its what you do about it that counts. The same could be said of its view of heterosexuality, no sex before marriage, no contraception. Both of those things are not easy.

      Now to an extent if a gay person has heard everything the Church teaches and still is sure that the way they are living their life is right and good then that is between them and God, primacy of conscience. But, and its a big but, Catholic teaching is ignored at my own peril, and the Catholic Church will never condone what it has taught infallibly to be wrong. I cannot expect the Catholic Church to conform itself to me, I have to try to conform myself to the Church, and go to confession when I fail to do so.

      I’m lucky I guess only being bi, because there are plenty of women out there I’m attracted to, the transgender stuff is the hard part… but that would probably be hard if I were a Godless heathen too.

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