Well then, its been a while.

Well the Conclave is on, place bets NOW! I don’t think it will be an American, or a Brazilian…  I personally hope its not Marc Ouellet, since he’s the one who’s responsible for picking Bishops… he’s also a thoroughly Curia creature, how is he going to reform the Curia having been part of the old guard, whats more a part of the old guard that has survived and thrived by not offending anyone? Anyway he’s currently at 10-1 on the betting website I viewed…  My favourite, Albert Malcolm Ranjith is peaking at 33-1… yes, such a pipe dream. But this is the conclave, capable of being as unpredictable as the end of the world and it is wide open this time around. God only knows who it’ll be, could take a day, could take a month for all I know.

All Catholics and indeed all Christians should pray for a good Pope. The Pope is the most influential and visible Christian on the planet, the last thing Christianity needs in this day of modern communication is a bad egg. The media will always hate the Pope for the most part even when there is nothing there to hate, God help us if we get someone not equal to the awful task of living every moment in the lime light.

Cardinal O’Brien has made a mea culpa, which will be very difficult for the Church in Scotland, and his decision not to attend the conclave means there will not be a single Brit of voting age… well that’s not entirely a bad thing in my opinion.  I just hope the Church will do better in recognising that there are plenty of gay clergy in its ranks and the vast majority can not only keep their hands to themselves but are faithful servants of the Church and brilliant priests to boot. Maybe Church leaders should be a little more honest with themselves on this issue.

Anyway, this last week I have mostly been playing Skyrim, I’m convinced its the best computer game to come out in the last ten years.  The freedom is staggering, you are given an area of 14.3 square miles to explore but that is packed with monsters, caves, dungeons, dragons and haunted tombs without rival.  So many political intrigues, missions and side quests if you think about it becomes truly daunting. It brings out the thrill of exploration that Zelda: Ocarina of time nurtured in me as a kid.  Whats more this is a much broader freedom, to craft your own magic items and armour, to do things your way.  Its also currently the best time to play the game since patches have beaten the bugs out of it, I’ve had a bug free run of it this time around and that is stunning considering all the time I’ve been playing it and all the crazy things you can do in the game.

Right off to play now. Hey its better than having a life ^.^


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