Hope for the future.

I was pointed towards this article about the new(ish) Nuncio to England and Wales by Damian Thompson’s blog.


What is this strange feeling, is it hope for the future? I was worried about our Nuncio’s grasp of English, when Ironically (with a capital I), my very protestant mum met him. But it seems he has grasped that the schemes of the magic circle of liberal bishops are real and not to be trifled with. If in five years time we could possibly have a raft of better bishops in ten years time Catholicism in this country could have a renaissance.

In political news the EU has just given itself another bloated budget rise of £9.5billion pounds, this on top of spending £8.5billion on a Cyprus bailout to keep the Frankenstein monster that is the Euro ticking over for a few more months… And apparently the UK will not have a veto on this, this will go to a simple majority vote. Well Britain does of course still have a veto, it could say we aren’t paying and if you have a problem with that we’ll leave the EU, but David Cameron doesn’t have the balls. The EU bureaucrats realise they can have anything they want on their maniacal march towards Federal Europe, and Britain will complain but eventually fall in line. The only remaining question is will we call this future EU the fourth reich or the EUSSR?

Finally it is snowing, outside my window, on March the 28th! I propose we have a national lynch the global warming alarmist day. Bring your ski’s and your weapon of choice…



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