Now that the dust has settled…

Now that we’ve had time to stop to catch our breath. I’ve had time to worry about this washing of the feet business in Rome.  Specifically the feet of a Muslim woman, as part of 12 people supposed to represent the apostles.  Is it possible that I’ve underestimated how confusing and potentially damaging the ensuing reaction to it may be? Has the Pope clearly said that the rules don’t apply to him? or that we should ignore things the Church has written down in its rubrics and laws if we feel like it? I’m already seeing the fallout on facebook, of people put off Catholicism by this potentially massively divisive storm in a teacup.

Is the Pope saying that women should be ordained or that Islam is just another route to salvation? No I don’t think for a second he is, but are people going to say this is what he was saying, in liberal circles, you better believe it.


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