Politics: Is it time to start building an ark?

Basically our society is doomed… The socialists have convinced everyone that if they take their money, then give it back to them in pitiful chunks, with massive paperwork and bureaucracy thrown into the mix then this is compassionate. Whereas if we were to get rid of the kickbacks, tax loopholes, red tape and lower the taxes this is uncaring.

This is weird coming from someone who currently is on benefits for mental health reasons. My experience of the crushingly demeaning means testing has been very psychologically harmful and totally counter productive. I am sure I am just the tip of that iceberg. People who are on benefits long term have something wrong with them. Surely nobody would live this existence by choice??? If the Tories want to help get people off benefits they need to start addressing the causes of long term benefit seeking. Depression, hopelessness, societal failure, poverty of aspiration and the breakdown of the family. But instead it just labels people as scroungers rather than deal with the deeper issues. How about this, get rid of the jobcenters entirely, there is no reason to means test the pittance it provides, the bureaucracy of administrating it probably costs just as much as the benefit itself. Just have the same number of people checking that people aren’t claiming it whilst they are in work. But this would be uncaring, putting so many public sector workers out of jobs snooping on our box ticking abilities…

The entire approach of this government to virtually any problem has been like that of the winter fuel allowance, essentially a massive bung to the grey vote, whilst investment in insulation has been pathetic. But any government that changes that ratio will be eviscerated in the media for being uncaring. The proposed solution to wind power driving up our fuel bills, which is just one of the many things killing the economic recovery in its tracks, is to close down coal power stations and build more useless windmills. And impose an extra carbon tax. Why does nobody see this is preposterous? it is so blindingly obviously insane. But any government that challenges this status quo will be painted as baby seal clubbers. This government’s response to an economic train wreck of a tripple dip recession: Gay marriage. Has our nation completely lost the ability to grapple with its problems?

This coalition government has been deeply insane from the beginning, a sick experiment that exists because nobody could work with Gordon Brown and he was too obstinate to resign. And because Clegg/Cameron didn’t trust the voters with a re-election in their rabid clamour for power. This political dysfunction seems to have become the core of our woes because Clegg and Cameron are epitomizing style over substance, just without much style. It was an electoral contest between center left and a deeply delusional leftwing PM. People in Gordon Brown’s own party that he worked with likened him to Stalin, nicknaming him ‘the grey blur’. Sorry, but was that supposed to be a choice? The country certainly didn’t win the prize of good government. Instead we got the results of two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

All this staggering ineptitude is making a Milliband victory in the next election look assured. A man who makes mediocrity look impressive, who’s polling numbers would be sky high if he was even a smidgen more credible, rather than part of the unrepentant group who landed us all in this mess in the first place. I’ll be voting UKIP. The sooner people take UKIP seriously the better, they may be a protest vote but it is a protest well worth making. We must not let apathy be the only response.


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