Sorry… more politics.

Yes! History needs to get back to detail! History is what happened, and what happened is often crazy, contradictory and incredibly interesting but only if you get down to the nitty gritty and only if you start to use comparative history aware of chronology. (how events compare and relate to one another). I always got the feeling that history without detail was a thin veneer over the belief, subconscious or otherwise, in Marxist determinism… maybe that’s why the NUT don’t like history curriculum reform? 😛

The hatred I’ve seen for Michael Gove on Facebook is shockingly vitriolic and unreasonable, pure good old fashioned left wing political hackery. The same people who one second are talking about how the education system is failing, will in the next second try to lynch the person attempting to reform it with absolutely no reasoned debate of the merits or drawbacks of his reform. Is the NUT backing Labour at the next election? of course they are, never mind this looming shadow government of Brownites are the same people who turned the education system into a train wreck in the first place…

What is the solution to all these problems I’ve been foaming at the mouth about recently? get out the vote, or even better, get involved. Vote for good candidates locally. This is not about political party allegiance (though I sincerely doubt the Libdems produce good candidates). I’ve got a good friend who is a Labour councilor who I’d vote for in a second if he were in my ward. How can Christians vote Labour or Cameron in a general election ever again? Both have been spectacularly secularist. So when this next general election comes along, whoever you vote for make sure they are a vote for change. Which in my mind means voting UKIP.


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