Political Indoctrination.

Lets talk about brainwashing. I grew up in a left wing family, now I’ll never vote Labour again in a general election. I grew up protestant and now I’m Catholic. Nine years ago I even thought I was straight. So no I don’t think I’ve been brainwashed.

Why are people who weren’t even born when Margaret Thatcher was PM, so vitriolic in their hatred of her? Its time to talk about brainwashing. The poor got richer under her leadership! not that ANYBODY would know that because the left wing media owns the argument, all debates are being fought on ground picked by the left. David Cameron doesn’t have the strength of will to change this dynamic, he doesn’t have the ideological stones.

Yes Thatcher privatised industries, the people who wanted the ‘means of production’ to be owned by the state were miffed that their industries (all inevitably subsidised) were demolished. Well as the saying goes, if you are taking flak you are over the target. Margaret Thatcher wanted people to have jobs that created real value for themselves and for the country rather than have jobs created for them by a government to give them something to do. Do the people who hate her oppose this? do they honestly want the government to pay them to push the dust to one end of the street one day then back again on the next? If she is being demonised for this, for advancing the forces of meritocracy then she deserves our eternal thanks. Now its time to start reclaiming the argument. If people are even capable of critical thinking anymore in this country?


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