Yes yes, I hear you, I hear you, “shut up about Margaret Thatcher already”. Fair enough. I am sick to the bones of arguing with people about her legacy. Is it because I’m living in the North or is it because my generation has been raised by left wing government after left wing government, that almost everyone my age is now a rabid lefty? Who knows. I’m sick of arguing against faulty logic, and nobody who has been indoctrinated will listen to reason anyway so I’ve essentially been banging my head against a brick wall for three days. Time to go back to ark building.

So anyway. Yes enough of politics, perhaps I need to realise its a lost cause in this country, maybe even this continent. Perhaps we should focus exclusively on religion, on being good Catholics, on raising good Catholic children who can think for themselves rather than be swept up in this dying society. Perhaps home schooling is step one on the ark building project. Maybe we have to accept that society is corrupt and do what medieval monks did, escape to the wilderness and be content just to live a Christian life. When you get down to it this plan ended up working God’s purposes the first time around. The monasteries were a key element of the first evangelisation of Europe. Perhaps this is why God has allowed weak seminaries to go under in order that young men seeking their vocation will go to the religious orders instead?

So enough nebulous speculative musing, this very second I’m watching a tv show about the Vatican called, Vatican: The Hidden World. Set anti-Catholicometer to wary… Its a BBC4 show currently residing on BBCiplayer. Maybe I should play anti Catholic bingo?

Da Vinci Code reference – Check

The inquisition – Check

Galileo – Check

Secrecy – Check

Controversy – Check

Sex abuse scandal – Check

Condoms and HIV – Check

All of this in the first few minutes.

Anyway it seems like its not a hatchet job despite the disingenuous intro. Aw lots of video of Pope Benedict in prayer. Now its turning into a bit of a bad Tony Scott film. Focusing on the security forces who have been massively beefed up since the assassination attempt on JP2. The amount of work that goes into ensuring the Pope gets a thirty minutes to himself in his garden is staggering. Looks like Benedict used it to pray the rosary.

Now its about the altar boys in the Vatican. Who get up before school to serve the many many altars. Poor lads, they look exhausted.

Now onto Galileo and the Vatican ‘secret’ archives. Wow now onto the Vatican’s SETI project. Yes you read that right, search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

Now onto the conservation work in the museum… not sure what a Buddha statue, a set of samurai armour and a statue of an Indian goddess are doing there.  Sounds like too much interfaith dialogue to me 😛

The first woman to work in the Vatican was a German Jew in the 1930’s. A job that almost certainly saved her life.  Oh here we go, we are onto Pope Pius the 11th.  No mention of the encyclical ‘with burning concern’. Which spoke as clearly against totalitarianism and racism as the Church could in Nazi Germany and which made the Church’s work of saving souls and indeed saving lives much harder, Hitler considered the Catholic Church an enemy afterwards.

Now Barrack Obama, that spectacular campaigner for abortion rights, meets the Pope for a photo op… Some slightly more palatable pictures of the Pope watching the news on TV with a priest in a couple of green wingback armchairs, in a small, dingy, badly decorated room, that looks like it could be in the house of any old person in the world.

So all in all, give it a watch, its fairly good, BBC four is perhaps the only BBC channel doing what the BBC should do and used to do best, producing informative and well made documentaries that the commercial television can never be bothered to make.



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