Gay rights!

Well the inevitable has come to pass in France, they have voted for gay marriage and gay adoption. With the socialist majority in their parliament it wasn’t surprising. What was interesting is that they had a much more vigorous debate over the issue (including riot police beating anti gay marriage protesters to a pulp). No for the record I don’t think the SSPX is inherently antisemitic, in fact the only two people I know who are members are of Jewish descent. Anyway, that article makes for an interesting read and shows how far behind our political debate was in not engaging with the core of the issue in regards to gay marriage.

Why couldn’t anybody in this country point out that gay marriage conferred no new rights? civil partnership laws covered everything as far as I know and if they didn’t then maybe that is what should have changed. Not a heavy handed, state imposed, social engineering project designed to stick it to anybody who has a clear idea that marriage is and always will be between a man and a woman.

There are so many things this country does need to tackle in the field of gay rights, homophobia in the workplace, homophobic abuse and violence in the streets. Support for people who feel that society rejects them. Suicide prevention for transsexuals (who are 40% more likely to attempt suicide). These would all be things the state can and should be doing to genuinely help further gay rights. Gay people do have the right to safety, the right to not be unfairly dismissed, the right to housing without prejudice. Studies have shown that you are significantly more likely to be murdered if you are transsexual! ten times more likely in America. I got these figures from a fantastic article on transsexual gamers. Well worth a read and lets just say it was very close to home for me.

All Christians need to monitor their motivations for waxing lyrical on gay issues. That above all Christian love is what is communicated, rather than nimbyism. Because you’ll be surprised who might come out of the closet one day šŸ˜‰


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