What a wonderful day!

Well I’ve had a wonderful day today! So intense. But I’m not sure I can talk about it. That is weird considering the very intimate things I’ve already disclosed about myself in this blog. But hey.

So I’m going to talk about politics. Ha HAAA suckers! The world is seriously fraying at the edges isn’t it? The mainstream political parties are crapping themselves about the rise of UKIP. They are desperately trying to smear UKIP with anything. Yes Nigel Farange got taken to a strip club by a French presidential candidate. I was once unwittingly sent to a gay bar on a school trip! Farange got around this ‘scandal’ by doing the most unexpected thing, he told the truth! This is EXACTLY the kind of man we need as PM, A man who tells the truth, rather than a man who says what a focus group has told him to say. *Cough* Cameron *Cough*. Underneath all the smears is a deep contempt for the voter, a massive drive to ignore important voter issues, which are popular issues precisely because they need to be addressed.

UKIP is finally doing what it always wanted to do. It is making the mainstream political parties sit up, take notice, and talk about their issues. There is even new talk of an EU referendum! Ha, well seeing is believing. Cameron has no principles, but is pro EU because he is pro status quo, so any referendum he offers the nation will be completely broken. The question almost certainly won’t take into account that we can have free trade and a positive relationship with the EU without signing up to all their petty and ill thought through laws. This isn’t just a theory, Switzerland has shown us it can be done and that it can be a very agreeable state of affairs.


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