Have you read the news today?

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been both struggling with my own issues and struggling to find anything positive to say about anything.

Watching 10 Downing Street implode over the EU has been incredibly amusing, as has watching the White House do the same over various dirty dealings with the IRS and keeping tabs on Associated Press reporters.

But schadenfreude can only go so far and we are left with the reality that our country is still going to hell in a hand-basket.  Take this examination of the census for example: we are becoming a nation of heathens and Muslims. And its pretty clear that contraception is playing a big part in that. The well to do people who frequent Anglican services are having one or two kids, while Muslims are having 2-5.

The article is also interesting for the commentators, the downright nasty secularists who want to eradicate this pesky religion once and for all and the Anglican trying to sugar coat this startling demographic trend. If people think its bad now they need to do the maths and realise its going to get much worse in the near future. I met someone a couple of weeks ago who knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about Christianity. I was staggered, I didn’t know what to say! How would you evangelise someone completely from scratch? where would you start? this is a question that all Christians should start asking themselves because its the shape of things to come.

The other problem at the root of this is the reformation. Christians are spread between hundreds of parishes, a myriad of denominations, united we stand and divided we fall, and boy are we divided.  So what is the possible ray of sunshine in this? Well Christianity is going to be a minority religion again. That will likely bring more persecution. The fakers and posers will have no reason to go to Church, we’ll be left with a core of the holy and the diehards. Parishes will close so those holy people and diehards will be thrown together and I think it will cause a chain reaction of faith that will hopefully lead to evangelisation. Like the case of Sodom God promised to relent if there are only ten holy men in a town. But perhaps like in the Bible we will have to plead to God for mercy on this generation like Abraham did for Sodom.

Ah well strange times we live in.


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