Pride goeth before destruction.

Well it seems at twenty eight years of age I have already reached the stage at which watching the rich and powerful trip over their own heels brings me great mirth.

Watching our calamitous government make a hash out of everything has been hilarious. At the root of it all, an elitist contempt for the voter, UKIP without Gay marriage as a millstone around its neck and with its populist approach will divide the conservative vote down the middle leaving the way open for the thoroughly mediocre Milliband to make a hash of it after the next election.

I’ve seen EDF in negotiation with the government over the next generation of nuclear power plants stall because EDF wants the same kind of ludicrous subsidies it gets for wind turbines. Nevermind it will make billions from the electricity anyway and that the lights will go out without more substantive power generation… This is one of the few scenarios in which maybe a nationalised energy provider might be better value for money for the consumer, and I never thought I’d say that in a million years!

I’ve just watched the “highlights” of the Monaco Grand Prix… pretty dull because of the tyre farce currently afflicting F1 where everyone has to be more concerned with conserving their tyres than actually racing! This is not entertainment Mr Ecclestone!!! The only entertainment came from watching Sergio Perez push his luck again and again until it ran out and he ran into the back of Kimi Räikkönen. Kimi is one of my favourite drivers, what he is doing in a Lotus is staggering, to have points stolen from him by a lunatic like Perez is maddening!

I’ve also been watching the Xbox 1 (or Xbone) reveal with sadistic glee. Watching Microsoft take a swan dive into an empty swimming pool of bad PR by giving a reveal with unclear but deeply ominous mixed messages about DRM (copy protection that often hinders game-play) and attempts to kill the used game market. Two issues of massive importance to gamers, both 100% guaranteed to get the mobs closer to their pitchfork and torch bearing quota. Meanwhile Microsoft doesn’t seem to care about its core audience, it seems more interested in building a $500 TV remote! We’ve had TV’s for a while now, people who buy games consoles want to play games, quelle surprise!

So yes we have a bizarre situation where Microsoft and Sony are waiting to see what the other company does so that they can determine how much they are going to try to screw over their previously loyal customer base. Sony are winning that race but only because Microsoft have well and truly shot themselves in the foot, and the knee, and the crotch… Anyway with the Xbone crippled the only hope for next generation console gaming is if the PS4 goes all out in catering to gamers needs first and foremost, but that is yet to be seen, if they do that they will clean up! Meanwhile PCs are looking better than ever for gamers.

The common theme here is that the rich and powerful have a huge contempt for the people who give them money, votes or support and this contempt is going to cost them! Unfortunately it will probably be us mere mortals who suffer the ill effects of their idiocy the most. Again I am reminded of my favourite quote “Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?”.  Its never been more true.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that a film about pretty French lesbians has won the Cannes film festival… last one to see that is a rotten puritan!


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