I stand with Israel

I’m getting fed up with the level of antisemitism tolerated in this country. I recently found out from a friend that the speaker at a lecture on William Wilberforce (you know that guy who got famous for ending slavery but actually did nothing of the sort) decided to go off script and do a bit of Israel bashing. This idea that its somehow ok to hate Israel because of the situation in Gaza has become widespread with even Stephen Hawking ‘boycotting’ Israel. Israel is the lefty bette noir, the bogey man under the bed and they love regularly taking it out to the woodshed for a whacking.

Hamas and the Palestinian authority seem to do everything in their power to make the lives of the people in Gaza worse, attacking from a position of weakness forcing Israel to react bringing ever more suffering on themselves, then of course blaming Israel and starting the cycle all over again. Then Israel is criticised for building houses and settlements within its own borders. The staggering absurdity of that doesn’t seem to cross anyone’s minds. You don’t hear anyone criticising America for building houses on territory which used to be Native American (that would be all of it by the way!).

Israel has every right to build houses where ever it wants within its own borders just as any other sovereign state would expect, Israel desperately needs housing just as most other small first world nations do. The two state solution based upon Israel giving up more land will never happen, it is a western pipe dream that takes no account of the fact that none of the leaders; Israeli or Palestinian, actually want it and this has been proven many times over because it has been offered to Palestinian leaders again and again and summarily dismissed. Palestinian leaders are living in a fantasy world where they’ll wipe Israel off the face of the map someday, presumably coupled with a nice big bout of ethnic cleansing… So three videos, two of which I’ve posted here before but they are fun and rather on the nail. I stand with Israel.

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