Hold on lads, I’ve got an idea.

I’ve hand an idea… instead of the perpetual internecine warfare between the left and the right why don’t we all decide to go live in different countries? winner takes all. That was the one benefit of the cold war, we got to see what would happen if two diametrically opposed ideologies were placed in geographical locations and duked it out to see which was best… and the results are now in, communism sucks. (We could have all just read George Orwell and saved ourselves some time but hey ho)

But now we have the EU taking on this socialist torch, with its batty single currency and federalist leftist agenda that underlies everything it does. This is why it wanted to ban olive oil on restaurant tables. It has an inherent desire to turn every restaurant into a kind of European version of McDonalds. This is why all the absurd legislation about how bent a banana can be and all the other petty and insulting regulations issues forth from Brussels. They want to legislate some kind of common identity. Never mind that nobody wants this and it is deeply insulting to national pride, yes even of the Germans. The younger generations quite rightly do not feel any guilt over World War 2, because it wasn’t their fault, so why should they sell out their own nation to enable Greeks to retire at fifty? its absurd and insulting.

Don’t believe me about legislating national identity? France and Germany have always used the law to define their national identity. Try building a house that isn’t a perfect clone of all the others in rural France for example. The French have laws on the size of their baguettes and virtually everything else it seems. They have a society for the protection of the French language the Académie française, which has rightly been compared to the village of Asterix and Obelix. This in comparison to the Oxford English dictionary which will add anything to the language if it even hints at coming into common usage much to the respectable scrabble player’s chagrin. Britain doesn’t need a society to protect the language of Shakespeare, likewise we do not need laws to tell us what to put in a Cornish pasty.

But hang on, as the recent analysis of the census shows the EU is the least of our worries. If current demographic trends continue in a relatively short period of years our country will be Islamic. Give this a watch and try to pick fault with the logic. I always remember thinking it was bizarre that none of the girls at university, when asked, said they wanted to have children. None. Zero. Zip. Now I don’t know if that is a manifestation of a counter intuitive social pressure but I was left feeling that basically most people have totally given up on the values of western society, so much so that they do not want to ‘inflict’ it on the next generation.

This is annoying to me because my sexuality has pretty much written me out of the game, and two dear friends of mine are currently struggling with the crushing phenomenon of infertility. So to those of you that can, be fruitful and multiply! children are a great gift from God and fertility is not to be taken for granted. You will also be doing your part to ensure we don’t all end up living under sharia law, not that that will be the first thing on your minds. 😉


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