So anyway lots of self destructive behaviour going on last night, involving a copious amount of booze after going to therapy. Therapy is great, but dredging through the dark recesses of my soul can be very unpleasant and in order to make those demons go away again I had a lot to drink last night. And I mean a lot, nine asprin and about sixteen hours in bed later and I’m still hungover. Why do we do these destructive things to ourselves? we know we are being destructive but we do it anyway, or maybe its just me?

Anyway maybe you are wondering why I constantly air my dirty laundry on this blog? well because I have a couple of issues that I think need to be understood more widely, depression and transsexuality. There is an embarrassed silence that tends to envelop these subjects in the public domain. So often the gut reaction of people is to blame the victim, in lots of things, domestic violence, rape, mugging, street violence.  This is a shocking and insidious problem and I think society often treats the mentally ill with contempt, it certainly treats transsexuals with contempt. Hopefully as Catholics we shouldn’t fall into this particular sin, the beatitudes make clear that Jesus sides with the less fortunate.

So yes we do destructive things because we do not have solutions to life’s trickiest problems, deep down we all need God’s miraculous grace to heal our deep wounds, only then will we stop looking for deeply flawed solutions that actually do us more harm.


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