Lies, damn lies and economics.

Well our vapid chancellor of the exchequer has produced a spending review and it is almost complete nonsense. This article in the Telegraph explains why in fairly clear terms. Basically George Osborne is spending us into a hole just as fast as Gordon Brown ever did and is somehow persuading the world of the lie that he is a ‘prudent’ chancellor… oh yes, just like Gordon Brown did.

Also some of the welfare reform stuff makes no sense, an extra four days waiting time for new benefit claims? that isn’t going to save any serious money surely? just adversely effect the cash flow of the least fortunate. What is the point of making long term claimants go to the jobcentre every week? its a total waste of time and money as it is. Why do we have rich pensioners getting a winter fuel allowance? effectively an electoral bribe. Why do we have a foreign aid budget when we have a huge budget deficit? we are effectively going to the bank, borrowing billions of pounds then giving it away… why are the departments of health and education not sharing the burden of these miniscule cuts? this is not remotely rational.

Then we get to the complete basket case which is UK energy policy, which will see the lights go out in 2015 unless we build new power stations right now instead of those useless bird killing wind turbines.

In other less depressing news I found a very well written blog that I’ve read a couple of posts of, frankly I’m insanely jealous of the author’s ability as a wordsmith. It isn’t all about queer issues in the Catholic Church, blog name not withstanding.

I’ve also been ruminating on the issue of one Edward Snowden.  Is it possible that I agree with Vladimir Putin about something? he said of the issue “it’s like shearing a pig – lots of squeaks but little wool”. Edward Snowden has made the job of the security services harder by warning terrorists the world over of the scope of the NSA’s surveillance strategy, just when America was finally getting a handle on the dark corners of the internet.

I’ve always been pretty sure the security services were keeping an eye on the internet. Its strange but the more I’ve thought about it the more I draw comfort from the fact that the NSA and the GCHQ are trawling the internet for terrorists, why should terrorists be given unfettered access to the most effective communication tool in the history of mankind? Now Mr Snowden will have to spend the rest of his life in countries that are enemies of his homeland, countries with far less freedom, democracy and the rule of law than the country he denounced. That he ran to China and Russia clearly shows he is all in favour of autocracy just so long as it protects him from facing justice.

In personal news I have managed to get some practical help this week regarding my depression, I’ve also had to stop following someone on Facebook because they are an intellectual snob, and someone else because they are totally illiterate (really it was impossible to make head nor tail of what they typed so I gave up) so for one week that’s quite an achievement.

Finally as a perfect glimpse into the utter insanity of our PM take a gander at this quote: “There are so many problems in our world that need that amazing solution, whether it is a cure for dementia, solving the problem of diabetes, having a flight from Britain to New York that’s carbon free. Let’s challenge the public and challenge the scientists for which is the great problem we want to crack,” Erm no David a carbon neutral transatlantic flight is not remotely important… a cure or vaccine for HIV/Aids might somehow pip it to the post I’d think.


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