What would I do if I won the lottery?

So I’ve had an up and down week… so its time to wholeheartedly embrace my fantasy life. I’ve just won the lottery what should I spend the money on? And I’m not going to talk about the sensible things, just the fun things.

1, all the episode 4-6 Star Wars Lego in existence

2, a top notch gaming PC

3, a BMW Z4M coupe and tune it to kingdom come.

4, a sex change, spend hideous amounts of money becoming an unbelievably sexy woman.

5, lots of amazing dresses, blouses and other lovely things that I currently can’t afford much to my chagrin.

6, a huge four poster bed with an amazing mattress and silk sheets.

7, lots of books.

8, an R44 Robinson helicopter.

9, a decent projector to play movies on.

10, I’d build my own house, complete with a solar on the roof so I can get all the Vitamin D in the world! and a room that would perfectly mimic a midsummer day even in the middle of the night (complete with grass).

11, I’d buy a bar and make it into an absinthe bar.

12, I’d build a big catamaran and sail the world in it.

13, I’d have my own personal chef.

14, Log cabins on the ten best ski resorts in the world.

15, I’d buy this suit of armour and wear it almost constantly.


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