Well Top Gear is BACK! Thank God! a TV show by the BBC not presented or run by communists! What baffles me are people who review it and say its crass and juvenile, of course it is! that is what makes it fun! Plus there was a big dig at the evils of wind power which I like.

Truly wind power is a big industry predicated on a massive lie, it is a gargantuan scam that defrauds the public of billions to line the coffers of the few. An industry which only exists through political corruption and delusion. Anyway my rants on wind power are predictable so best that I move on.

My TV died this last week, it was a 15″ Sony Trinitron and to give you an idea of how old it was, it was first bought to be a monitor for an Atari computer.  It has lasted a long time and provided a superb picture till the very moment it fell over. I have been disproportionately upset over its demise because I’ve had it since I was a child, it was a link to my past, I played GoldenEye and Zelda: Ocarina of time on it. Plus the thought of buying a new TV didn’t exactly fill me with joy, I do not have £150 to splurge on a moderately decent modern TV.

Then just in the nick of time, in answer to a prayer I’d hardly dared to pray a friend of mine is getting rid of their 32″ Sony TV, yes God has decided that I have to have a huge telly! its a CRT TV so its going to spike my electricity bills, but it will take a while to cost me £150. And its four times the size! Why is this important? well my XBOX 360 and my DVD collection help keep me sane, they are a desperately needed distraction from the vicissitudes of my life. I don’t watch TV itself, the vast majority of it is complete dross. I’d only watch Top Gear and American Football, hardly worth getting a TV license, especially since I can watch these things online for free.

So it goes to show, sometimes God answers our prayers for things we want even when they are perhaps not what is good for us, yes sometimes God gives us things like parents giving children sweeties! and thank God for this! There is something incredibly menacing about the idea of a God who never gives us what we want, just as there is something oppressive about a parent who never does anything to make their child happy by giving them a little bit of what they want.


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