Its too darn hot, and other confessions.

Yes after a hiatus of several years of global cooling the Great British scorcher has returned! So its gone from the longest winter straight to a heatwave summer, whatever happened to spring? Anyway, just as I don’t do well in the cold I equally don’t do well in the hot. In fact I’ve had Ella Fitzgerald; Its too darn hot, in my head on loop. I’m not even sure why I bother with the hot water when I run a bath at the moment?!

Summer does have its perks though, plenty of attractive women are wearing ensembles that would get them stoned to death under Sharia law. I’m all in favour (of women, not Sharia law), but ladies keep it classy, sometimes less is more, but leave something to the imagination please, I’ve got a very healthy and generous imagination that I take great enjoyment from. You wouldn’t want to see too much of me in a mini dress… well then again I don’t have the figure for it I suppose. After therapy I’ve decided that my sexuality is amazing, I am one in ten thousand and being a bit amourous isn’t a sin, especially in this weather.

My medication is also doing lots of strange things, like giving me blocked sinuses, constipation and *ahem* men’s problems, if Scarlett Johansson jumped me right now I wouldn’t know what to do. So if this all sounds more than a tad sordid, that’s why, that and the Valium lifting my inhibitions*.  So anyway I’ve been taking pills to counteract the side effects of the original pills and have met with some success. Interestingly Tesco Sinus pills are exactly the same as cold and flu pills, even down to containing caffeine, which since I suffer most at night is really not helpful! I’ve also started taking diet pills in the vain hope that I can somehow avoid exercise and a healthy diet and still not look like the Goodyear blimp, I’ll keep you posted on that.

(*Seriously though, thank God for Valium! I told my old GP over and over I suffer from anxiety, and that is what drove me to drink, finally I have a substitute, my liver is most relieved.)

In world news the George Zimmerman trial is over in America and the lunatic left is complaining that the verdict didn’t fit their narrative of racism and identity politics. Never mind the facts of the case; its obviously the colour of the people’s skin that is important in determining guilt, the jury has spoken but no there must be justice. Wow isn’t that exactly the same sentiments behind a KKK lynching right there?! The left really has come full circle hasn’t it, reason 3012 why they are wrong about virtually everything…

The fact is the whole incident that resulted in Trayvon Martin’s death was avoidable and utterly pointless, both parties made bad decisions, but they ended up in a brawl and the production of a gun made it a matter of life and death. None of that makes George Zimmerman a racist much less a murderer, I know if I was having my head bashed into the concrete I’d be fearing for my life, not thinking about how serious the injuries will look in court and that was the conclusion of the jury too.


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