Oh I just can’t wait to be King.

Well then, we have a new heir to the thrown…. He’ll be George the 7th in say sixty years time when I’ll almost certainly be long dead (This dependent on the monarchy surviving King Charles the third which is far from certain) I’ve been batting down the republicans on Facebook. People posting “I couldn’t give a toss for the royal birth” well if you couldn’t give a toss why do you feel the urge to post about it? Ignoring something typically doesn’t involve telling all your friends about it.

I’m certainly not a royalist, why we pay one of the richest families in Europe to go about waving at people is a little bit beyond me, but being born into that family and being chased by paparazzi your entire life should have some recompense I suppose. And the Queen is fantastic, has lived a life of service and its got to be better than making Cameron, Clegg, or Red Ed head of state, (Wouldn’t mind King Nigel Farage though, that would be a laugh)

I guess what I like about it is that there is no pretense of meritocracy, they are born into this position of privilege and there is nothing we can do to attain it, (bar marry into it and frankly you’d have to have a martyrdom complex for that). Life it seems, in most things, is just trying to play the cards God gives you as best you can… then turning up at the pearly gates to complain about the stinker of a hand you were dealt. In that case its reassuring to know that deep down there is very little we can do to control our destiny otherwise its all our fault for being totally screwed up.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I found out that the guys from my local takeaway are from Syria. A week ago they had their home towns shelled and bombed by Assad’s forces. That puts life’s travails in context. The tragedy unfolding in Syria will rival that of the breakup of Yugoslavia and again the western world is content to sit and watch it happen. Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia have made the west look very foolish indeed.  The only man who could have intervened back in the day was Barrack Obama and he sat on his hands… What on earth do I say to the chaps at the takeaway Mr Obama?

In other tragic news San Diego Comic Con came and went and Warner Bros, the owners of the DC comics universe decided that rather than make a Wonder Woman movie they were going to make a not particularly thrilling Superman vs Batman movie and a movie about the Flash. Seriously guys, what is it about your prospective super hero having a vagina that makes her un-film-able? Being the one straight girl from an island of lesbians? Being into rope bondage in a serious way? Perhaps America is so stuck in the 1950’s it still doesn’t seem ready for a film with a woman as the super hero lead… Just look at the way Sucker Punch tanked at the box office despite being totally epic. (although to be fair the end of that film was an epic downer, what’s wrong with a happy ending for girls?)

On a lighter note I played a series of classic N64 games yesterday night. Forsaken, Snowboard Kids and GoldenEye being the stand outs it my opinion… Serious retro fun… I think we might need to purchase Mariocart and Diddykong racing to round out the fun a bit more. Older games just have more colour to them, more simple fun.  But I’ve also been nursing a serious XCOM addiction, and it is a remake of an absolutely classic retro game so I’m not going off topic here.

XCOM is so good. You have to build your secret base, research technology, capture aliens and interrogate them, do alien autopsies, promote your troops as they gain experience, shoot down UFO’s, build your own UFO’s! and eventually fight off an evil alien invasion. What’s not to like? Well the fact that I’ve been playing it for literally hundreds of hours I suppose. Hey its better than having a life. Especially when your Dr decided to take you off the medication because even he thinks there is no hope of you getting any better… and my referral for gender dysphoria will take months… meanwhile I feel like I’m in limbo.

In more hilarious news the vocations director for my diocese wants me to come visit him, I’m looking forward to it, but I still think there is a strange notion in his head that I’m destined for the priesthood… I think the Catholic Church isn’t quite ready for a transsexual priest.  It has had a few transsexual saints though… mostly women passing as men so they can go into a monastery rather than a convent, who can blame them, lots of women locked up together… just imagine the arguments, never mind the PMS.


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