Error report! Important frivolous news!

Apparently Dr Who can regenerate into a female body! I’ve been hunting around for Whovian lore and it is possible, but very rare. But if my life has taught me anything the unexpected but possible becomes inevitable over a long enough time period.

They are going to have to change the lore soon anyway because he’s coming up on his 12th regeneration rather fast. (We could have had a few more years out of Christopher Eccleston in my opinion, you didn’t want to be typecast but then you did Heroes right afterwards? Chris what were you thinking??? Heroes was utter shite driven by a weak plot, contingent on a tower of cards of coincidence the only good main character being the Japanese kid!). But anyway since it is possible and transforming into a woman is, lets just say, a subject matter of great interest to me, it NEEDS to happen. After we are done with Malcolm Tucker form, I mean Peter Capaldi. Though I think its more than a tad suspicious that Peter Capaldi played a Dr in the W.H.O. (as in world health organisation) in world war Z… so if anyone went to see that dreary mess of a film just imagine that THE Dr is standing in the sidelines saving the world from a zombie apocalypse.

Just imagine the surprise on the Dr’s face, he’s never been a woman before (to his knowledge) would she suffer gender dysphoria? (I think she would! but that they won’t put that into the show because its a serious downer!) just imagine her companion taking her clothes shopping for the first time, it’d be hilarious! Just imagine if he’d fallen in love with his companion in Malcolm Tucker form then she has to deal with being made a woman.  Wait what if his companion he has the hots for tells him she prefers the fairer sex and that’s why he regenerates into a female form? ok this is starting to sound like erotic fan fiction isn’t it?…

Talking of which I read volume one of a comic book called Empowered, which has a few sex scenes, but honestly its the most fun I’ve had reading anything, EVER! Its about a woman with body confidence issues (yes, I know you didn’t ask, but I do relate to that!), who gets superpowers, the only unfortunate caveat being that they are contingent on her wearing a super revealing skin tight suit that she can’t even wear a cape to cover her ass with. So yes, its a feminist lampoon of Superheroines written for 13 year old boys everywhere, whilst also being rather appealing to the very low brow demographic its chastising.

I don’t know about the gender politics, but I think its actually quite erm, empowering… it writes its female characters really well and ComicBookGirl19 recommended it (this was before I found out she was a new age magick practitioner ok!) Though does having dodgy beliefs invalidate everything else someone has ever done or ever does in the future? I mean Alan Moore is a legend for legitimising the graphic novel form into the realm of literature with genuine merit, V for Vendetta and Watchmen are classics. Alan Moore, unfortunately, is also heavily into the occult… among other things of a dubious nature. It must be possible and permissible to appreciate things that someone has done whilst not buying into their agendas or religious beliefs.


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