I’ve gone green! No wait, black and white!

I’m not sure about this at all, but I wanted to jazz up the look of my blog and make the type bigger (though it turns out people could have just zoomed in, which is much easier to do on Google Chrome…) Anyway, I hope its more readable. I can’t change the font without shelling out money I don’t have or doing something with plugins which I’m yet to understand (and it turns out I can’t do without shelling out money anyway), so again, tell me what you think. I think this font is a tad tiresome myself… But I think its more readable, and look at all the shuriken!

My blog is much faster to load, scroll and looks better in Chrome than it does in Firefox. Oh and anyone who uses Firefox these days needs their heads looking at anyhow (I just changed over to Chrome once and for all an hour ago, what was I doing using that ropy old browser???!!!???) The shuriken can only come in black or white, otherwise I think I’d have made them red & pink 😛

Is it easier on the eyes? is it more aesthetically pleasing? is it thematically more stimulating? let me know below. Give me feedback one and all!


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