Less frivolous news!

Confession! what a boon to Catholics, seriously, I don’t know how anyone else copes without it. Maybe that is why the zombie trope is so prevalent in modern entertainment, are people walking around feeling spiritually dead inside? It doesn’t have to be this way, there is hope, resurrection is for this life as well as the next.

Confession in my experience really helps me to stop sinning, for three reasons, it imparts grace, it brings hope and a chance to begin again, also confessing the dumb things we do to another person is healthily awkward which encourages repentance. Absolution is contingent on a firm desire to repent.

Confession also helps people put the scale of their sins in context, helpful both if someone has a distorted sense of guilt or self righteousness. It helps me hold myself to account and examine my conscience. Also confessing out loud to Christ in the priest makes the process of asking for forgiveness tangible. Things kept in my head often cannot be gotten rid of, they tend to rattle around my brain. We need to do tangible things to repent because we are physical beings, its how the human mind works.

Oh and since the church is Christ’s body on earth if we sin we also need to be reconciled to the Church. Quite simply it is religious, just as the Mass and Benediction are unapologetically religious. We believe in a religion as well as a faith. Our religion helps nurture our faith. Faith without religion is, well; its new age tree hugging hippy crap as Eric Cartman might be prone to say. Anyway Benediction and Mass afterwards were totally mind blowing. 🙂

Secondly I want to talk about Valium, literally a few minutes ago I was well on my way down the depression spiral. The worst feeling is knowing that there is a lot further to go before you’ll reach the bottom and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Depressives, or as I am beginning to strongly suspect I suffer from a form of bipolar, cannot control their moods. 4mg of Valium and the breaks are put on the roller coaster, the plummet is halted, seriously there are no words to describe my relief, and the feeling of having control over it, being able to say STOP to my mind, and it works.  I guess I feel like Smeagol just after telling Gollum to leave and never come back.

This post is largely copied from my Facebook page, apologies to anyone who read that before this. Also I’m trying a bigger typeface because I’ve heard the format of my blog is more than a tad crappy. Let me know what you think, is it better or worse? I’m also aware that I want to change the background and general format of this blog.  Its blatantly obvious that this blog is just for me to talk about stuff that I want to talk about, I don’t look at viewing figures, I don’t care if anyone reads it or not.  I just picked a stock background when I started and haven’t done anything to spruce it up since, and I’m well aware it is in dire need of sprucing up.  I wish I was WordPress Savvy, but alas I am not so this long overdue overhaul might take a while, but nag me about it and it may come to pass.


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