Take me to Ninja land!

So I saw this in the Telegraph today! Can anyone buy me a ticket to Japan?

And here are some lovely Nipponese pictures of the Madonna. All together now, AAAAAWWWWW! and here is a link to lots more of staggering beauty.

Madonna Japan

japan2 japan 8

I wish I had my old copy of Shogun Total war, (not the new one, my ragged old PC would burst into flames) Hold on one cotton picking minute! I DO! YAAAAAAAY! That’ll be a few hundred hours of escape from reality right there! I’ll even be able to play it on maximum graphics settings… I wonder if it might be a tad old to work on my PC even… that’d be a joke, seems to be installing ok though, unlike Worms United which needed a dos emulator. Now where is my copy of the expansion pack so I can actually use battlefield ninja??? (So totally historically inaccurate its hilarious but who cares?) Arg I can’t find it, how frustrating! Gonna download it, I own it, but can’t find it (it might be at my parent’s gaffe somewhere in the loft).


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