Denver Vs Baltimore… oh and Syria again.

Well Baltimore got pretty much crushed with Denver quarterback Patent Manning throwing an all time record equaling seven touchdowns. This even after Danny Trevathan effectively cost his team 14 points by celebrating a touchdown, and in doing so dropping the ball, before he’d actually scored said touchdown. If the Broncos had lost the game because of that stupendous display of idiocy I’m betting Danny would have gotten a kicking in the locker room. As it happens having the best quarterback of all time on your team really is rather handy and it ended up being a 49-27 blowout. Still it was a good game to watch, Baltimore are going to have to do some re-thinking if they intend to compete for the Superbowl again this year. Having said that I’m not sure any team could have stopped Patent Manning on top form, Baltimore build their team around a strong defense and he picked them apart. So yeah, that was how the game went, not that any of you probably give a monkeys about NFL.

In slightly less trivial, but vastly more depressing news. The results from the G20 dinner time row over Syria are in and Russia is still staunchly standing by Syria in a typical show of Putinesqe bravura. Making out that the western world is immoral for wanting to punish the Assad regime after a chemical weapons attack. Erm what about 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia taking sides in a civil war, ring any bells? The world is so absurd. Russia is still arming the murderous Assad regime all just to frustrate the west, and who said the cold war was over? The sad spectacle of Vladimir Putin desperately trying to relive his KGB glory days is truly pathetic.

Still I’m not sure what the west can do at this stage, a decisive bombing campaign against Syrian government forces to end this conflict would certainly cause more civilian casualties than the gas attack itself. Then the various rebel factions are probably going to have a fifteen round free-for-all over who will take power afterwards… But perhaps we need to accept that there is no perfect solution to this problem, but that any kind of end to this conflict might be better than it dragging on for another ten years. Sometimes you have to fight in order to obtain a just peace, and people can so easily confuse peace for appeasement. Anyway I should stop talking about this, its depressing and there is nothing any of us can do about it bar prayer. So yes I’m going to be dusting off my rosary.


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