Macho Christianity.

Yeah this is what I was trying to say about the Pope and Obama if only I was a tad more articulate, (or maybe if I hadn’t been writing my blog at ungodly times of the night or day). And this was what I was talking about regarding the US shutdown. I guess I’m posting the links so that I can prove I’m not the only one in the world who thinks Barack Obama has been a disaster for America and the free world.

So anyway, a bit of a personal update, my medication is taking the edge off my depression. Things are no longer on the brink so to speak. But I’m aware that the medication will not provide a cure either. I need to find something, some kind of direction in my life. So far drinking and playing computer games aren’t quite cutting it.

This has led me to think more about vocation. Especially what it means to be a single Catholic man who doesn’t feel a calling to the priesthood, or at least someone who is sensible enough not to run to the priesthood with the wrong motivation. This plays into my experience of questioning my gender identity which to be honest I am now firmly in the ‘confused’ category or perhaps just in the ‘scared’ category. Perhaps the feminisation of Christianity is part of the problem too.

The machismo of St Paul and the ballsy way Christianity converted an ultra violent Europe, has been replaced by a kind of wishy-washy lovey dovey, hold hands and sing kumbaya variety of Christianity and no wonder the pews are empty especially when it comes to men. I suppose at least we don’t have priestesses, but how much does that make a difference if our priests are effectively emasculated by a PC culture?

I think this will take a while to turn around and it would help if it started at the top. We need Bishops who care about things enough not to form a committee about it. We need Bishops who don’t wait for the Bishops conference or for Vincent ‘no red hat’ Nichols to say something. We need Bishops who aren’t content to manage the decline but want to add value to their position of authority and show some initiative. It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles. Bit of a strange place to quote Machiavelli but yes.

Sadly this probably isn’t going to come from the top, probably not for at least another twenty years presuming we still have a good nuncio. So we are going to have to get on with it ourselves. The spiritual battle Christians fight will require real men to stand up to the devil, perhaps Pope Francis’ call for a spirituality of action will be a good thing. Maybe revive the knightly orders? and less arguing about how many angels can dance on a pinhead and more getting out and doing something? Then again that might put me out of business. I might have to join a gym too.


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