I told you this US shutdown would run and run.

Well its nice to be proven right once in a while and watching the US shutdown drag on and on has been interesting. The opinion polls show that Obama is winning the shouting contest. But still there is little to no negotiation. Maybe the Republicans are hoping that eventually the blame will shift to the President, (with a biased media I doubt that), or maybe they simply have no exit strategy. But the US debt ceiling is coming up and both sides are playing chicken with global economic stability, neither want to be the first to blink. So yes, “may you live in interesting times”. Again it reminds me of my favourite saying “do you know my son, with what little reason the world is governed?”

The Democrats have to find a compromise that offers the Republicans, particularly their house leader John Boehner, the ability to save face. But Obama doesn’t do compromise, so it will have to fall to Democrats in the senate (the women as it turns out). Its like the threat of nuclear war, everybody assumed that nobody would be dumb enough to push the red button, unfortunately that was the same assumption made about the Kaiser before world war 1 and Hitler before world war 2…

Anyway on that happy thought.


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