Conspiracy theorists

Aaaah yes, nutters on the internet. They are ten a penny. Type the wrong thing into Google and you’ll be inundated with sites spouting nonsense, usually with appalling grammar and moving seamlessly from one subject to another with no coherent connective thought or evidence. It was only while having a debate about Global warming, where I was called a conspiracy theorist myself for mentioning the Climategate scandal that I wondered at how it felt to be tarred with that same brush.

Climategate showed key scientists, essential to the IPCC reports on climate change, had cherry picked and distorted their own data. There were emails showing them expressing exasperation when even their faulty datasets didn’t conform to their fundamental belief in man made global warming. They had emails showing the contempt to which they held climatologists who didn’t back up their findings and how they tried to shut them out of the peer review science system, an act which if successful would undoubtedly end their opponents careers. Then they rushed to delete emails when their work came under more intense scrutiny.

For mentioning this I was called a conspiracy theorist. I’m sorry but when there really was a conspiracy I’m not sure that makes me a conspiracy theorist, does talking about the Mafia make you a conspiracy theorist? So I decided to Google conspiracy theories which were proven true. There were a number of interesting revelations, but the two most shocking were Operation Northwoods and the CIA heart attack gun. Both of which are completely verified and on the public record.

Operation Northwoods was a plan, signed off by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, (The head of the Army, Navy, Airforce etc etc) In the USA. Where they planned to commit acts of terrorism against American military personnel and civilians to provide a pretext for a war with Cuba. It was turned down by JFK, thank God, who apparently profanely chewed them out for being such complete maniacs and subsequently fired the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (who later became the head of NATO forces Europe…)

But the whole episode was so supremely embarrassing, JFK had to keep it secret, and it was kept top secret until relatively recently. To make clear, this plan was not activated. But the idea that the top brass of the US military could even consider and actually endorse committing acts of terror against their own people to goad their own country into war with another country they hated is, quite simply, staggering. I don’t believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories, but I guess now I understand how paranoid Americans can concoct such an idea.

The CIA heart attack gun, was dug up by the 1975 senate select committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (aka the Church committee).  It fired low caliber bullets, made of, get this, frozen shellfish poison. A target hit with said bullet would suffer heart attack as it would almost instantaneously melt into the blood stream. It would leave a tiny red mark on the skin, and would be felt like a mosquito bite or not at all. The poison very quickly denatures making it very difficult to detect by all but the most intense modern autopsy, even then perhaps only by someone who knows exactly what to look for when all the usual signs would point to death by natural causes.

This was the technology of pre-1975 I might point out. Does anyone honestly think the technology hasn’t improved? or that the nature of intelligence service restraint has improved so much that the CIA don’t use such methods anymore? If anything the ‘war on terror’ has extended their remit and powers tenfold. Remember we live in a world where the US president openly admits he signs death warrants for extra judicial killings by remote control drones around the world.

Frankly these two revelations have made me wake up at 4am with the urge write them down. I will say again that both of these items are matters of public record, and both of them make Edward Snowden look like small potatoes as far as I’m concerned. Now think back, have their ever been sudden heart attacks of anyone the American establishment might have had reason to wish rid of? If you can think of any does that make you a conspiracy theorist too?


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