Well there have been so many idiocies committed in the past few weeks by the powers that be that it has left me in a spin. Quite frankly if any of our overlords ever did anything sensible I’m sure it would be headline news. Ed Miliband and John Major have both come forward with idiotic ways to tackle our soaring energy prices… and the government has been trumpeting a ‘deal’ with the French and Chinese, whereby they build us a nuclear power plant and we’ll pay double current unit cost for its electricity… hmm yes, just what the doctor ordered…

Anyway. One thing that’s been bugging me this week is identity politics. Recently some relatively small pressure groups in America have been campaigning for the Washington Redskins to change their name. The last time this came up a big survey of Native Americans showed they couldn’t give a monkeys. First of all Redskin is not a slur, just as saying someone is black, or white is simply a declarative fact. Secondly surely being the motif of a huge American football team must be a positive thing?

It reminds me of a party I went to at Cathsoc, and my truly wonderful chaplain mentioned someone to me, and I asked him who they were, it was a crowded room and nobody knew one another, I think it was freshers week… and he spent ages describing him to me, neglecting to mention that he was the only black guy in the room…

This also reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend, who noted that the ending to film version of The Last Of The Mohicans (the one with Daniel Day Lewis) was changed from that of the novel so that the bad guy (Magua) is killed by Chingachgook rather than Hawkeye because they couldn’t have a white man killing a red man as the film’s finale… Never mind that Hawkeye is an adopted son of a Mohican and has just as much desire  to avenge his brother as Chingachgook does, and isn’t that the entire point of the story? That the racial differences between men are entirely insignificant in comparison to ties of human relationships?

On a similar note, Spurs supporters, many of them Jewish, who cheer their team on by shouting ‘come on you yids’ are to be prosecuted for hate speech according to the FA. Is it me or has basic common sense gone out the window? We are getting plagued by this nonsense. Real racism is abhorrent and disgusting. Like pornography, we know it when we see it. On the other hand this hyper sensitivity on behalf of others is patronising nonsense, and borders on racist in itself. Surely we’ve paid for these things long enough?


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