The Family (and my William Wilberforce rant)

Do you want to know what the Catholic Church hierarchy is thinking about the family? Take a look at their consultation questionnaire on the subject. (Seems it was kept fairly quiet) I think the questions make for fairly interesting reading in and of themselves. I couldn’t make head nor tail of some of the them I must confess. Frankly it looks like a typical Bishops of England and Wales mess.

If you want to consult the people in the pews ask questions that the average Joe in the pew can answer otherwise it looks like you’d rather not know what they have to say in the first place. This is a consultation for a synod on Oct. 5-19, 2014, on the theme “Pastoral Challenges of the family in the context of evangelization.” There is talk of gay marriage, divorce and contraception and all sorts of gems buried in there. So I suggest as many people as possible fill it in.

In political news Nigel Farage has said: We must defend our Christian heritage, as well as family life and blowing up wind farms, well he’s got my vote. I think UK voters must ask themselves this question, do we want a political class who never make a gaffe because everything they say has been focus group tested and spun into next week. Or do we want someone like Farage who occasionally makes blunders (half Hindu? really Nigel?) but actually says what he thinks? And it must be said talks sense about a lot of issues our mainstream parties either won’t dare go near or have long since sold their souls over. People have to bear in mind that talking about immigration is always very risky but its something we do need to talk about as a country.

This country has high immigration to balance our lack of population growth because the left wing governments of the past 15 years (and I include Cameron’s God awful coalition in that group) have sold families and family life up the river and pushed a contraception and abortion agenda at every given opportunity.

Finally I’d like to talk about a rant I have. William Wilberforce was mentioned in the above link as a giant who vanquished slavery, he did not end slavery in any way shape or form. The bill which was eventually passed banned British flagged ships from the slave trade. Never mind that our colonies were filled with plantations run by slave labour which were allowed to continue. Or that all the British slaving ships simply changed their flags to other European nations, or that there was no enforcement because nobody wanted to patrol the African tropics for fear of dropping dead of disease.

William Wilberforce is remembered to salve our cultural subconscious and nothing more. British ships were brutally effective at slaving. In the relatively short time Britain was involved in the trade we took nearly as many slaves as Spain and Portugal who had been in the disgusting practice much longer than us. What ended slavery was the American civil war and various revolutions in the Caribbean that ended the demand for slaves in the new world.


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