Armistice day

Well we had our two minutes silence, which was absurdly marked by two air bombs (fireworks that make a loud bang) in my home city. Its almost like two whole minutes of silence needs a starting gun and a finishing klaxon so that everyone can go back to filling their minds with distraction and chatter as soon as humanly possible.

At least I was awake for it this year. Also as soon as I looked back at my phone having prayed for the holy souls for two minutes I found I had a missed call from a marketing company. How typical. The cynicism is beyond words to describe.

In world news Iran is building a heavy water reactor in Arak. The only reason to build such a thing is to produce weapons grade nuclear material. It is not at all necessary or cost effective for commercial power generation. Especially when you factor in the fact it is a major reason for the economic sanctions that are bringing misery to the people of Iran.

Apparently Iran has also admitted that it already has half the enriched material necessary to build a bomb so if this heavy water reactor is completed it will take less than two months to get all the material they need to get started.

In other words as soon as this heavy water reactor goes online, (2014 according to Wikipedia) Israel will have little choice but to blow it up, and guess what, its built near a relatively large civilian population. Just what the doctor ordered for the middle east. There’s a world war right there.

Talks which do not directly tackle the intractable problem of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program are defeatist. Iran’s secret service has links to terrorists, not least Hezbollah, the Ayatollah has publicly stated Israel should be wiped from the map. Put quite simply, you do not get to put the bomb in Iran.

There will be no alternative acceptable to Israel bar preemptive military strikes if Iran gets any closer to becoming a nuclear power because once they have the capability to make a bomb they can do so relatively quickly (in roughly a year), most likely in an underground lab unreachable by air strikes, and quite possibly in some degree of secrecy. All this on a day everyone is fervently hoping there will be no more wars…


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