Human Rights

I had a conversation today with a girl studying law and politics at university, she said we get our human rights from the European Court of Human Rights. Its one of those complete face-palm incidents that left me at a loss for words.

We did not get our human rights from the EU, we did not get them from any single convention, bill, declaration or any other shred of worthless paper. Our rights are enshrined in our culture from thousands of years of religion, democracy, debate, haggling, case law, common law and natural law. It may have taken us centuries of mistakes, revolts, civil wars, regicides, persecutions and injustices but the British sense of right and wrong is now more finely honed than any country in the EU (except on the issue of abortion where we as a nation are still woefully barbaric…)

The problem with the EU is that it is glamorous, there was a time, believe it or not, when I was a Europhile. Visiting the European parliament as a young impressionable politics student I was dazzled. It all seemed very impressive. There was none of the booing and cheering of the rambunctious monkey house which is the house of commons, and it all seemed very democratic unlike the house of lords…

As an MEP you get a certain number of seconds to speak before you have to yield the floor or your microphone turns off, or maybe you get dragged away by men burly men in gorilla suits, who knows? Its all very efficient. Now I realise with growing horror it is in fact far too efficient because it is also completely soulless, these MEP’s are elected by an ever shrinking proportion of people and they pass so many laws it makes your eyes bleed.

We are going to pull out of the EU, whether in five years time or fifty, it will happen eventually, the longer it takes the more destructive it will be when it does happen but there is only so much the British people can take of being told what to do by others. Or at least I hope so, because the alternative is that what it means to be British is slowly strangled and we are all turned into EU drones.

The only problem is that saying so is like being the lookout on the Titanic shouting “iceberg dead ahead” except its not only far too late to prevent the tragedy unfolding, but the officers on the bridge of the ship seem determined that their way is best, in fact, most of the Eurocrats want to go full steam ahead.

All of which has led me to the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t bother reading the newspapers anymore. What is the point in knowing what is going to happen and knowing I am powerless to stop it. Why does Cassandra bother telling anyone her prophecies? This is why wise men don’t speak.

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