Iran deal

Well its too early to say whether the interim Iran deal where they halt their enrichment program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions will turn out to be a good thing.

Either way Iran got what it wanted by playing the brinkmanship game with a superb level of finesse. Saddam Hussein could have learnt a thing or two if he hadn’t already danced the hemp fandango. The construction of a hard water reactor was holding a lit match next to the fuse. Did they ever intend to finish it? who knows, but basically Iran has won an easing of sanctions without really losing anything. They could start the enrichment program up again at a moment’s notice.

I can’t shake the feeling that Obama is legacy shopping, desperately trying to pull something out of a hat now that a majority of Americans are apposed to Obamacare, his popularity is hades low and his second term is well into the lame duck stage. But for all this nay saying, at the least it will delay the potentially disastrous war nobody wants by a year or two. The easing of sanctions will also be good for the Iranian people who have been the victims of their leaders long and rather pointless belligerent stance towards the international community. Heck with the influx of oil into the global economy everyone might be a winner…

Maybe a deal like this only comes along once everyone is desperate enough to sign their names? Will everyone remain desperate enough to stick to the game plan?


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