I don’t like Mondays

Well its Monday, I went to see my therapist as usual, then had a Starbucks coffee, where the customer service was so good I honestly wasn’t sure for a while if the girl there was flirting with me. Then I remembered, no this is just what its like when someone treats someone else like a human being, they certainly don’t want to do the horizontal shuffle with me, unless they have a strange fetish for grizzly bears perhaps.

Upon returning to my flat I had a poke around the Catholic blogs. Got a bit disconcerted by the thought of reading Evangelii Gaudium. It seems a bit of a Jesuitical tar pit to me. As is saying Jesus feigned anger at his disciples as Fr Ray Blake points out Pope Francis actually said in a radio address. What is the Pope doing making such a risky theological proposition in a radio address? is the Pope saying he can read Jesus’ mind? Jesus’ rhetorical style was, lets say, robust, sometimes extremely pointed.

A poor Church for the poor eh? How can the Church be poor? it has Christ in the blessed sacrament, it has unmatched wealth in truth and beauty… The Church was built by the donations of the poor. They gave glory to God and put their money where their mouth is. Did they do this so that the Church should rub gravel through her hair? no.

How about a humble Church for the poor instead, seems to me that would be a far sounder proposition altogether. So yes, I guess I’ve got Pope Francis fatigue. I desperately don’t want to write him off so I’ve decided to read as little written about him as possible for a while. Maybe read just what he says and judge for myself.

In other news I’m thinking about joining the SVP. But this is where the question of poverty comes to mind, how can I, fighting a vicious battle against depression, be of help to others? I worry it might be like the blind leading the blind. Some of us need reassurance, need building up, because we are already poor. Anyway, that’s all a bit bleak, sorry.

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