Tim Yeo dropped by local Tory party.

Tim who? well yes. Would that we lived in a world where nobody knew his name at all. As it is he is the scumbag who was getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by ‘green’ companies at the same time he was supposed to be regulating them. Anyway for the full story see Damien Thompson’s blog.

Of course, he’s already made more than enough money, and will probably make far more still in the private sector advising these self same groups on how to further screw over tax and electricity bill payers. What is important is that he is suitably humiliated for his behaviour. I’m fairly sure the man has no shame, but this is a warning shot to other would be husky hugging politicos. This fight against the chimera of global warming alarmism has finally scored some form of retribution against the political class that has feathered their own nests at the expense of the average Joe. It might be a small victory but I’ll take it.

Sadly another news story has just caught my eye, is this creepy or what? The power of our social services to take anyone’s children and pretty much make up the reason why is shocking. Not only can they do that but often the court proceedings are then kept secret. That’s not exactly what happened in this case, but I’ve heard lots of other horror stories, and this case is horrific in its own unique way. Is this really the way we want our society to ‘care’ for people?

In other news our Bishop gave us a pastoral letter today, I can hang in there with the best of them, but frankly I simply lost consciousness. Crikey o’reilly please, enough already… The Pope is doing far more with far less words, why not be trendy and emulate him?


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